About Me

I am a twentysomething red head (and proudly so) who more often than not struggles to just sit and switch off, and yet can often find herself unable to focus on a single task for long and is easily distracted. This blog is the attempt to create a focus for such busy-body behaviour.

I would like to say a I’m thinker, but I am more probably a dreamer. I often get distracted by the dramas of the public and can often disappear into my own flights of fancy.

This blog has been created to give my ever active mind something to focus on following a post-wedding planning slump. I have a condition I call ‘itchy fingers’. The prognosis of this condition is feeling the continual need to be doing something with my hands, even when sat on the sofa in front of the TV. Even when I need to relax and unwind – I find this very difficult to do.

The initial plan was to make my way through the large number of recipe books sitting on my bookcase. However, it quickly evolved to include my other projects, all requiring a constant learning process. I will narrate my successes and my failures (it would be a bit egotistical of me to only advertise my successes), identifying what works and what went wrong and hopefully this help others feel more inspired to give things a go.

I am usually very critical of my work and often struggle having confidence in believing that anything I produce is any good. This blog I guess could also be a way for me to challenge myself on this. After all, if you don’t try, you won’t ever succeed :-).


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